Our Mission

Helping Those in Need

The Mercy Project seeks to open the hearts and minds of our community to the growing problem of modern day slavery. We strive to free the chains of those unjustly enslaved and will accomplish this with educational outreach, anti-slavery partnerships, financial contributions, and direct service to victims. We are dedicated to ending one of the greatest human tragedies of our time.

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Sponsor A Child

You Can Make A Difference

When you sponsor a child you are providing food, clothing, school materials and tuition for that child. You are also giving the child you sponsor the gift of hope by changing their future. You are able to communicate with your sponsored child through letters and gifts and one day you may decide to join us on a trip to India to meet your child.

They need your love and support to be free from the life of poverty and prostitution that they were born in to.

The Kids

I am in 7th grade and my mom was a sex worker who died of HIV in 2012. I enjoy living at the Home of Home because I receive all the love, care, friendship, and security that I could ever ask for.

-Renuka Shivaji Gadade, 12 years old